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Legal Protection International aisbl (LPI) unites legal insurers and service providers from across the world who believe that everyone deserves access to a good legal protection and aim to create together a better legal protection for a more just future. LPI and our members take the lead in raising industry standards to make legal protection better and more affordable for everybody. 

Our members learn from each other in an international context
We believe that every one deserves good legal protection

Can legal insurers help bridge
the access to justice gap?

‘Tell’ and ‘Sell’ are key for legal protection insurers to reach out and secure accessibility for consumers. Read the report and the findings of our survey!
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Legal protection insurers and service providers from all over the world

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The legal protection insurance business.

We unite

Companies and people

from 18 European Countries, Canada, South Africa and Japan.

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Very much alike, yet we deal with different legal systems.

We are

A bunch of good people from all over the world

dedicated to giving our clients access to justice.

We learn

From each other in an international context