Why Another AI Conference?

Ioannis Martinis, Head of Legal Tech, Coop Rechtsschutz (Switzerland)

From Hype to Realitiy – A Realist View of AI in Legal Protection

AI Expert, Applied Researcher & Founder of Flock Labs AG (Switzerland)

How AI is Reshaping Businesses & Legal Practice

Prisca Quadroni, AI Strategist &  Founding Partner, Legal & Strategy Consulting AG (Switzerland)

The Power of AI Language Models with Aleph Alpha

Hans-Jörg Schäuble, Vice President, Aleph Alpha (Germany)

EU as a Frontrunner in Regulating AI

Yordanka Ivanova, Legal & Policy Officer at EU Commission (Belgium)

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Generative AI and the Road Ahead!

Daniel M. Katz, Professor of Law, Director & Founder, The Law Lab @Illinois Tech