LPI Congress 2020: legal protection lawyers are modern legal professionals!

LPI Congress 2020: Legal Protection Lawyer-A Modern Legal Professional Our 2020 congress focussed on our employees: the people who help policyholders every day to solve their legal problems and issues. High-calibre experts discussed the potential of this profession, the Legal Protection Lawyer, and showed ways how to advance and bring legal services and the services of our sector

LPI Congress 2019: Collecctive Redress, Class Action and Legal Protection Insurance

LPI Congress 2019: Collective Redress, Class Action and Legal Protection Insurance On the 50th anniversary of RIAD’s (International Association of Legal Protection Insurance) foundation, representatives from the legal protection insurance industry worldwide gathered in Berlin. Over two days, they discussed collective redress procedures worldwide, how they are evolving, and the role insurers, law firms, states, funders and consumers have

LPI Congress 2018: From Claims Settlement to Solution Management

RIAD's Legal Protection Congress 2018: From Claims Settlement to Solution Management The overall objective of our congress was to discuss all facets of claims management by legal protection insurers, including the role of our partners, e.g. lawyers & other providers who are involved in the value chain. Delegates were able to get ideas what good claims handling means &

LPI Congress 2017: Staying Ahead of the Game in Legal Protection Insurance

STAYING AHEAD OF THE GAME IN LEGAL PROTECTION INSURANCE Congress on 5&6 October 2017 in Dublin Why does the legal protection sector need to change and how can we bring changes about? How do behavioural economics influence consumers' choices and their inclination to provide for risks? Where are the shortcomings in today's business models and how can we overcome


LEGAL PROTECTION GOING GLOBAL Congress on 6&7 October 2016 in Montréal The Congress showed how the Sharing Economy and trends in the digitalisation of legal services impact legal insurers. An important question was how legal insurers can master and benefit from these developments to succeed in this digital environemnt. Delegates had the opportunity to share the views and experiences

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