LPI Congress 2020:
Legal Protection Lawyer-A Modern Legal Professional

Our 2020 congress focussed on our employees: the people who help policyholders every day to solve their legal problems and issues. High-calibre experts discussed the potential of this profession, the Legal Protection Lawyer, and showed ways how to advance and bring legal services and the services of our sector into the 21st century.

Key note speakers included Professor Iris van Domselaar (Director Amsterdam Centre on the Legal Professions and Access to Justice, University of Amsterdam) who spoke about the challenges that digitalisation presents for professional ethics; Mille Haslund Mellbye (Søderberg & Partners, Norway) presented Sødde, the first digital employee who can become your new colleague; Hagen Habicht (Digital Impact Labs Leipzig GmbH, Germany) explained how law can serve as standard setter for the legal profession; and Prof. Elaine Mak (University of Utrecht) talked about the T-shaped lawyer, i.e. the role, skills, and ethics legal professionals should have in order to contribute meaningfully to the challenges of contemporary societies.

The discussion showed that we will need lawyers in the future! Digitalisation and technology will by no means render them obsolete. However, as the Altman Weil’s 2017 Law Firms in Transition Survey puts it: “Artificial Intelligence will not replace lawyers, but lawyers who use Artificial Intelligence will replace lawyer that do not”. This is a challenge legal protection insurers with their Legal Protection Lawyers as well as the legal profession as a whole must embrace!

Watch the interview with Maxim Baer (Managing Director Legal Net GmbH) in which he gives an introduction to the topic and presents an analysis of legal professions in 19 different countries to demonstrate the level of autonomy which Legal Protection Lawyers enjoy in those jurisdictions.

Originally planned as a regular, physical meeting on 15th and 16th October in The Hague, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we made the congress a virtual event and practically brought it to everyone’s doorstep which allowed well above 100 delegates from around the globe, members and non-members, to participate. We will continue to post documentation, updates, discussions, videos and questions about the congress theme. Stay tuned and keep an ey on this website and our LinkedIn page.

Watch and enjoy the After-Event video:

and look at delegates’ reactions and comments.

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