Congress on 5&6 October 2017 in Dublin

Why does the legal protection sector need to change and how can we bring changes about? How do behavioural economics influence consumers’ choices and their inclination to provide for risks? Where are the shortcomings in today’s business models and how can we overcome them? What is the potential of technology-enabled services and is InsurTech the answer?

Technology savvy customers and the FinTech revolution make it inevitable that legal insurers change their businesses. The goal of our Congress 2017 was to offer delegates a unique opportunity to identify the core issues and necessary steps to keep pace with progress. Delegates discussed with high-calibre experts how digitalization, in particular InsurTech, can lead ways to reshape insurance and explore shortcomings as well as strengths of legal protection insurance. What is its potential in view of consumer needs and expectations and is there a way to overcome your own expectations and unconscious bias which stand in our way of exploring opportunities, and prevent us from finding unorthodox solutions?

Programme of Events

Watch and enjoy the After-Event video

Read our report and watch the results on how consumers perceive legal risks and their preferences for solving legal issues

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