Bridging the Justice Gap at #LPICongress2021 in Vienna.
It’s time for new & inspiring pathways to market Legal Protection Insurance!

Justice is only accessible with robust and timely legal advice and representation. Mechanisms that guarantee individuals’ means to obtain legal assistance must consequently increase their access to justice. Data from the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2019 actually suggests that lower rates of accessible and affordable civil justice are primarily caused by the lack of means by which individuals can access and use judicial systems. However, obtaining legal assistance from a private provider is financially prohibitive. Generally only those with severely limited financial means qualify for funded legal aid or pro bono schemes while the ‘forgotten middle’ – those who lack sufficient financial resources but earn too much money to qualify for legal aid – are often left without access to the judicial system.

This is a significant access to justice concern for a substantial number of citizens around the world! The World Justice Project reports that most people do not turn to lawyers and courts. Less than a third (29%) of people who experience a legal problem sought any form of legal advice to resolve their problem. Many people do not recognize their problems as having a legal remedy: only 1 in 3 people (29%) understood their problem to be legal in nature as opposed to “bad luck” or a community matter. 1 in 6 (16%) report they could not solve their issue because it was difficult or nearly impossible to find the money necessary. For about the same number of people (17%) their justice problem persists but they have given up to try to resolve it, with another 39% reporting that their problem is still ongoing.

Legal protection insurance can be an answer! It is a purchasable product through which individuals can obtain legal assistance from the insurer or a private provider with some or all of the expenses covered. Legal protection insurance is a mechanism through which the ‘forgotten middle’ could potentially access legal advice or representation (and consequently access justice).

A Brave New World: The Future of Legal Protection Insurance Distribution

The LPI Congress 2021 addresses the question how to increase awareness and availability of legal protection insurance as an access to justice tool by active and competent marketing!

Presently, the poor availability of information and promotion of legal insurance as a commercial product is a barrier to increasing its implementation, uptake and use. A project commissioned by Legal Protection International identified a number of issues. If these were addressed, legal protection insurers could approach the public in a more effective and efficient way which, potentially, could open new pathways for raising awareness of legal insurance, thus ultimately increasing access to justice.

Check out the report and its recommendations here.

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