27 & 28 October 2022 in The Hague

Legal Protection: Shaping a Sustainable Pathway to Justice

Sustainability has become one of the main drivers for our societies. It means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In essence, it is associated with the environment, conservation of natural resources and, in the context of insurance, sustainability is mostly connected to environmentally friendly investments. However, we have to understand that sustainability also means securing social and economic resources! That is why the UN explicitly refers to Access to Justice as one of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

Our Congress looks at societally relevant aspects and facets of sustainability that are important for our sector, for instance, securing access to justice in view of new risks with the support of innovation and –  possibly – new partners. For Legal Protection International and its members, the choice is not if, but how, we address sustainability because it creates value for us, our clients, our partners and our society as a whole. Legal Protection Insurers believe that sustainability opens up new opportunities for us all and our businesses and we want to be the driver for sustainable access to justice!

Stay tuned, updates to come soon!