Rainer Brune

Rainer Brune

CEO, ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG, Germany

Rainer Brune was elected Board Member in October 2018 and became Vice-President in November 2019. He is CEO of ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG. He studied business administration at the University of Passau. During 2007 to 2014 Mr Brune was a member of the Management Board of AXA Versicherung AG, Cologne and DBV Deutsche Beamtenversicherung AG, Wiesbaden.

Previous to this he was Division Manager P&C Retail, AXA Versicherung, Cologne (2004 – 2007), Head of Motor, AXA Versicherung, Cologne (1997 – 2003), Assistant to the Board of Directors in the private and commercial customer business at Colonia-Nordstern Versicherung, Cologne (1995 – 1997) and Specialist Industrial Property Policy and Product Development at Nordstern Versicherung, Cologne (1993 -1995).


Jitka Chizzola

Director General, D.A.S. Rechtsschutz AG, pobočka pro ČR, Czech Republic

Jitka Chizzola was elected Board member in September 2011. Her mandate was renewed in September 2014. Jitka is Chairman of the legal protection insurer DAS Group in the Czech Republic. Prior to her appointment as Chairman in 2010, she had been a DAS Board Member since 1994.

Jitka Chizzola began her professional career as manager, marketing specialist and director in Austria. She held management positions in companies including Vossen Frottier and Minolta Export. In 1994, she singlehandedly launched DAS Legal Protection Insurance from scratch in the Czech Republic. Her legal protection know-how, drive and creativity have allowed DAS to become a flourishing market leader and legal protection pioneer for the entire Czech market.

Henrik Jenson

Henrik A. Jensen

Founder & CEO, Legal Insurance Group, Norway

Henrik A. Jensen was elected a board member of RIAD in October 2017, and has been attending RIAD since 2014. Henrik is a legal entrepreneur in Norway and started his first legal business in 1997, offering legal counselling and automated legal contracts and documents over the Internet through the law firm Legalis. In 2011 Henrik founded the companies Legal Insurance Group as cover-holder and Legal24 as claim handler to offer legal protection insurance in the Nordic markets. As of 2016 he has also introduced litigation funding through the company Therium Nordic in the Nordics.

Henrik is a lawyer with admittance to the Norwegian supreme court and speaks English and German.

Daniel Siegrist

Chairman of the Executive Board, Coop Rechtsschutz AG, Switzerland

Daniel Siegrist was elected Board member in May 2014. Born on 6th August 1959, Daniel Siegrist studied law at the University of Bern and graduated as an Advocate of the Canton of Bern. In 2004 Daniel Siegrist did post-graduate studies of SKU (Swiss Course for Business Management).

Daniel Siegrist started his career as lawyer in Bern, specialised in material damage. He began working for Coop Rechtsschutz in 1993, first as Head of Legal Services and then as Head of Customer and Product Management. Daniel has been member of the Executive Board of Coop Rechtsschutz since 1993 and has become CEO of Coop Rechtsschutz and Managing Director of Helsana Rechtsschutz AG in 2008. He also was Board member of SEV Versicherungen from 2009 to 2012.

Erik Vanpoucke

CEO, Euromex, Belgium

Erik Vanpoucke was elected RIAD Board Member in March 2019.He is CEO of Euromex – Baloise Group and Board member of Brocom. He is also Chairman of the Financial Forum of the National Bank (Antwerp region) and of the Commission of Distribution of Assuralia.

From the beginning of his career, he worked for a series of societies (De Vaderlandsche-Patiotique, ING Insurance – ING Group, Mercator – Baloise Group) where he held different roles, such as Director Marketing, Sales Support and Corporate Communication; Commercial Director; Director Underwriting, Product and Risk management Employee Benefits.From 2014 to 2018, in Baloise Insurance-Baloise group he was Member of the Executive Committee in charge firstly of Life Insurance, ICT & General Services and later of Non-life Corporate and Marine Insurance and Marketing, Distribution support, Broker administration, PR and Events.


Christophe Boiton

Chief Executive, CFDP Assurances, France

Christophe Boiton was elected Board Member in October 2022 and he has headed CFDP since 2012. With an MBA from Lyon Business School and a Master in Human Resources from Sciences-Po Paris, Christophe has turned his company, CFDP, an independent insurer, specializing in legal protection, into  one of the major players in France. 

Located in Lyon, CFDP has been engaged for several years in the digital transformation of its business model to support its policy holders at close proximity and to assure the best services possible.