Why become a Member?

We help you to get better because we are convinced that legal protection can change and improve a person's life! With our support and the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices, you are able to continuously improve your service offerings and we help your business to prosper.

Legal protection is abstract, complex and not well known. However, a good legal protection can change a life. Therefore, it is important to constantly learn about it to enable a better access for everyone! Members benefit from our community and enhance their knowledge because LPI provides:

- Knowledge
- Inspiration
- Guidance
- Networking
- Awareness and impage of legal protection: B to B and/or B to C

Our values are ambitous but they are fundamental for legal protection: 

- Reliability
- Forward thinking
- Accessibility
- Being proactive
- Global cooperation

At Legal Protection International we believe that everyone in the world deserves access to a good legal protection.

Every citizen should be protected and therefore Legal Protection International acts as a global organisation to make access to legal protection with quality standard available to all.

We inform, inspire and influence.

To help to raise awareness of legal protection we share relevant information and best practices and promote the sector and our code of conduct.

We constantly exchange information about topical developments and communicate about innovation and best practices with our members and stakeholders.

How Become a Member?

Who can become a member?

Can become member of the Association “any company or branch thereof which carries on the business of legal protection insurance, or which is engaged in providing services in the field of legal protection insurance” (Art. 5.a of the Statutes).

Who can become an associated member?

Can become associated member of Legal Protection International “natural persons or legal entities, whether Belgian or foreign, having a proven legitimate interest in the issues of the Association or intending to incorporate as a company” (Art. 5 c of the Statutes).

Differently from full members, associated members do not have the right to vote.

This membership is restricted to 3 years after which the Board will evaluate whether the pre-conditions continue to exist. The associated members are free to apply to full membership at any time (Art. 5 d of the Statues).

How do I become a member / associated member?

If you want to become a member or associated member, please send your request with information about yourself and your company to the Secretariat. Your application will be scrutinised by the Board and submitted to General Council members who will decide about your affiliation (Art. 5 g of the Statues)