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LEGAL PROTECTION GOING GLOBAL Congress on 6&7 October 2016 in Montréal The Congress showed how the Sharing Economy and trends in the digitalisation of legal services impact legal insurers. An important question was how legal insurers can master and benefit from these developments to succeed in this digital environemnt. Delegates

Gear your business for greatness and get inspiration for creating new pathways to sell legal insurance!

The way we live, work & connect has changed. Isn’t it time to create new & inspiring pathways to sell Legal Protection Insurance? This year’s Legal Protection International Congress explores innovative ways to market and distribute legal protection insurance in a post-pandemic world. #LPICongress2021 A Brave New World: The

LPI Congress 2019: Collecctive Redress, Class Action and Legal Protection Insurance

LPI Congress 2019: Collective Redress, Class Action and Legal Protection Insurance On the 50th anniversary of RIAD’s (International Association of Legal Protection Insurance) foundation, representatives from the legal protection insurance industry worldwide gathered in Berlin. Over two days, they discussed collective redress procedures worldwide, how they are evolving, and the

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