Bridging the Justice Gap!

The future isn’t what it used to be. It’s time for new & inspiring pathways to selling Legal Protection Insurance!

At the 2021 LPICongress we explored innovative ways to market and distribute legal protection insurance in a post-pandemic world.

A Brave New World:
The Future of Legal Protection Insurance Distribution

Long before the phrase “global pandemic” became part of everyday speech, the world had attained a degree of complexity that rendered access to reliable legal representation indispensable.

Close to 5 billion people around the world live outside the protection of the law, simply because they cannot afford a lawyer. And it is not only the poor who are affected – even those who earn an income (and are therefore ineligible for free legal aid) can’t afford help when an unexpected legal problem surfaces. More often than not, they have no option but to give up on solving their legal problem all together.

Legal Protection Insurance is the future of affordable and accessible legal services. The need for innovative ways to create awareness about legal insurance, new pathways to selling it, and restoring faith in the system, is paramount – now more than ever. 

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Antje Fedderke
Secretary General, Legal Protection International