The Goals of ELTA and What Legal Technology and Legal Insurers have in Common

Holger Tscheyge, President of the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA),  talked about his goals for ELTA and the interests and objectives legal protection insurers and legal techs share.  He discussed with LPI President Simon Warr the potential of legal techs for the legal market in general and for legal insurers in particular. Watch the recording to find out that both Associations have many goals and values in common.

Legal protection insurers facilitate access to law and justice and have become important players in the legal market in many countries. Legal insurers’ business models and modi operandi vary substantially from country to country but legal technology is nowadays an integral part of most of their operations. Therefore, two years ago, Legal Protection International aisbl (LPI) became a member of ELTA to join forces in making good legal protection and legal services more accessible and to engage in a continuous dialogue and support each other.

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