How did Legal Insurers help customers during Covid-19? LPI President Simon Warr, LPI Vice-President Rainer Brune and Head of Legal Tech at COOP Rechtsschutz Ioannis Martinis explain

“As terrible as the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic are for consumers and businesses alike, this crisis gave us and all legal insurers the opportunity to show that we are on the side of our policy holders when the going gets rough. Supporting measures that we implemented were very well received by all our clients” says Rainer Brune.

Click here to watch the interview with Rainer Brune, LPI Vice-President and CEO of ROLAND Rechtsschutz.

Simon Warr explains how Covid affected the relation between legal insurers and their customers

Ioannis Martinis about how COOP Rechtsschutz and its subsidiary Ylex coped with Covid challenges